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Joe S. Says Thanks for your good service.  I completed the form and had my arrangements made by the end of the day. I have an A type personality and I can’t stand waiting around for too long. Nice Job.”

Philadelphia Movers Now is recognized as an expert at matching consumer moving needs with the right Philadelphia Moving Company.  On average 40 million plus households move each year and not all these millions of moves are even close to being satisfactory. If you have never personally had a bad experience during the moving process; you probably know someone who did -  Movers not showing up – Movers not standing by their quote – Movers showing up at 11 o’clock at night – Movers holding possessions hostage.  We do all we can to help make sure your moving experience is satisfactory.

Moving can be very stressful. Of course it depends on the reason for your move.  If you just won the lottery and you’re moving to a beachfront villa, then most likely your stress level will be minimal.  But the other 99.999% will experience stress.  Depending upon the reason for the move, psychologists say the stress level of moving can be just below losing a job, illness, and divorce.  

 Whether you’re moving out of state for career opportunities, or just down the street,  at Philly Movers Now, we understand that you’re not just moving “things”.  You have a
 a lot of precious memories in those boxes and are bringing a part of your past into your future.

 A “set of goblets” can be just  “drinking glasses” unless it was given to your great-great grandmother on her 50th anniversary.  Not all Philadelphia Movers will treat your stuff with the care it deserves or have the empathy to appreciate what your things mean to you.  You are just a number to them – another booking.

Even under ideal circumstances, things can go wrong in a move. If you are only a number to a mover; you’re likely to remain just a number (and not a very high number) when it comes to resolution of any customer service issues.

The search process for finding the right Philadelphia Mover can be a very time consuming. The last thing you have when planning a move is any “extra time”.  We have already done that for you.  We’ve narrowed the search to a hand full of choice Philadelphia Movers and then allow you to choose which local mover best fits your specific needs.

You don’t need to spend your extra time researching Philadelphia Moving Companies for – which ones have licenses? – which ones have insurance? – which ones are available? – which ones have the best rates? – Which ones take the time to answer my questions? GET A FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE today.

We are very confident that you will be so impressed by the professionalism and rates of these local movers that you will want to schedule your move right away; however, if you are not totally pleased, you are not obligated in any way to book your move with our approved movers.

It’s a very simple process.  Complete the form, it shouldn’t take much more than a minute or so.  Then just wait for the prescreened Philadelphia Movers to contact you with their quotations.  The time you’ll save can be better spent on those other tasks that need to be done before your move date.




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Carrie R Says  “When my helper friend didn’t show, I nearly panicked, but as it turned out, I didn’t even need him. The movers were great and even did a couple things for me that they weren’t obligated to do. Great job guys.”

Why you should consider Philadelphia Movers Now for your upcoming move?

You’ll save a bunch of money when  local Philadelphia Moving Companies know they are competing for your move,  whether you’re moving across town, Drexel Hill, Maple Glen, Houston, Miami or anywhere in between. 

You’ll save a ton of time.  Most people don’t have the time it takes to research all the Moving Companies in Philadelphia. Take 1 minute to complete the simple form and professional licensed and insured Philadelphia Moving Companies will contact you quickly with a quote and all the details for your local or long distance move.  You will then have all the information you need to select the best mover in Philadelphia for your specific needs. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Will my email address or phone number be used for any other advertising purpose?

NO. Your contact information is only used  for the purpose of providing you with  moving quotes from Licensed and Insured Philly Movers.

Can I still get a quote if I dont want to give my email address?

Certainly.  Simply give us a call instead, and  you’ll receive the same competitive quotes from thesame professional Philadelphia Moving Companies.

How do the rates compare with moving myself?

You will be surprised to find out that it doesn’t cost much more to have professionals move you. Once you factor in all the expense of truck rental, gas, equipment rental, time restraints, back breaking labor, food and beverages, and the risks involved, it will be a “no brainer”.  The movers will be in and out in about ¼ of the time it will take you and your buddies and then you’ll be able to save those favors of family and friends for a later time.  (Have you ever noticed how quiet it gets when someone mentions they are going to move?)